Microblading -The Perfect 3d curved Hair Strokes

Posted by Felicity Gundona on

This blade is used to create the fine, curved, natural-looking eyebrow hairs. Due to its U-shape, it is perfect for drawing curvy hair strokes.  The blade consists of 18 super- fine, single needles arranged closely to each other and create U-shaped row.The U-Shaped Microblading Blade - Recommended for drawing curved hair strokes

Using the U blades needle helps you to achieve nice even curved strokes and shape.

When choosing a pigment colour for Microblading treatment  always choose 2 shades darker than the client skin tone and go over the area twice for good colour retention

 These special needles are now available.

Our 18 pin U –shaped Needles are £30 Pack of 30 needles


Buy 1 pack and get the second one half price

Wishing all our valued clients a Prosperous Year!


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